Watching a video from your hard drive on your phone

  • Make sure you are connected to the VLC server. Then just go to the Browse tab and select a video file.
  • If you do a long click or if the preference "Context menu on click" is enabled a context menu will pop up.
    Choose "Stream to phone (rtsp)". You may also pre-select this Player Mode using the menu button and then in Browse view just do a normal click on your video file.
  • The media player will now pick up the stream from VLC and start playing.
    Allow at least 5 seconds for buffering before the video will be visible and it might remain grey until the first key frame is found (can be adjusted under Settings -> Stream rtsp -> x264).
    Note: Buffering will be repeated if a streaming error occurs or if you navigate away from the video display and come back again.
  • If you want to change the quality of the stream please go to Settings -> Stream rtsp, Video Files section.
    Tip: For high quality video on a 800x480 display (Nexus One) try width=480 and bitrate=512. It is not necessary to set the video width to 800 as it would consume much processing power on your device and on your computer.
  • You can watch your videos in two different sizes: On a smaller display in normal portrait mode or in full screen landscape mode. Just change the orientation of your phone and the display will resize without buffering. It is possible to adjust display sizes in the Settings view, e.g. 480 or 560 for portrait width and 800 for landscape width. If you device has problems with resize (Nexus One with Android 2.1 Stock ROM) you must set both to the same value, e.g. 640.