Tips & Tricks


  • Reduce width of streaming video in rtsp settings if your device CPU is slow.
  • Reduce keyint to ~25-50 if rtsp video doesn't show sometimes (after start or seek).
  • Set audio channels to "original" if VLC 1.1.0+ crashes when trying to play H.264 videos.
  • Set portrait and landscape video width to the same value if video freezes or turns white (e.g. on Nexus One with Android Eclair).
  • Try to change frame rate (e.g. "original", "25" etc.) if you have problems with video streaming.
  • Set AAC audio channels to "Mono" if quality is not good or increase audio bitrate, however, mono will save bandwidth when streaming.
  • If audio track of rtsp video is not in sync upgrade to VLC 1.1.0+ and/or try "Synchronize on audio" setting.
  • If you cannot stream audio over rtsp try to set Channels to "Stereo", or maybe the MP4A LATM option helps. If video is working it may also be a problem on your system (ffmpeg AAC encoder).