Streaming over 3G

This guide describes how to access your VLC directly over a 3G/4G network.

Please also consider Streaming over VPN which is more secure and easy to use.


  • First of all find out which rtsp port you can use with your network provider.
    Open for example in your Android web browser and check out the test links.
    With some of the links it may happen that your media player hangs and you have to reboot.
    For me on O2 Germany network only links #1 and #3 on port 554 worked.
  • Configure your router to forward the rtsp port to your computer running VLC.
    You may also need to forward the port of VLC web interface (default 8080) and optionally the http streaming port (default 8081) if you want to use http audio streaming over your network.
    Use TCP protocol for all of these ports.
    For changing these settings log in to the web interface of your router, e.g. at
    Help for different router models can be found here:

    Hint: If you cannot use rtsp ports below 1024 with VLC (no permission etc.) but your network provider allows rtsp streaming over port 554 only, you can use the "Virtual Server" feature of your router to forward the public port 554 to your preferred local rtsp port (e.g. 5554).
  • In the app go to Settings -> Stream rtsp and change the rtsp port if necessary.
    Or if you started VLC with command line settings you must change the port in your script.
  • Now you should be ready to go.
    Open the connect dialog from the app menu and enter the external IP address of your home network (that your DSL or cable network provider has assigned to you). Just google for "my ip" and you'll find it.
    Keep in mind that your internet provider may assign a new IP address after 24 hours and you have to look it up again and change it in the connect dialog. Instead you can use a Dynamic DNS service like
  • Finally don't forget that anyone who knows your IP or Dynamic DNS address can connect to your VLC and browse all your files! It is recommened to enable access control in your router or PC firewall to limit access by IP address for instance (the external IP address of your mobile device).