VLC Stream & Convert

VLC S&C Pro version
now available in 18 more countries

Advanced remote control for VLC media player

Browse audio/video files on your hard drives and

  • play on your computer
    control playback, volume, fullscreen remotely from your phone
  • stream to phone (not all devices*)
    access your music and videos from your balcony, garden and other remote places
    (for streaming over 3G try rtsp port 554, 80, 8080, or 7070)
  • convert to Android format
    transcode your media easily for mobile use (watch in the subway etc.)

Requires Android 1.6 (Donut) or later with medium or large screen.

Tested with VLC 1.0.3+ but VLC 1.1.0+ is recommended.
VLC 1.1.4 (Windows) produces choppy AAC audio!

More features (playlists, CD/DVD, better browsing, etc.) will come.
The UI is not final yet and not optimized for HTC Sense.

Anyway, the whole project started as an experiment and has already improved a lot after long research, trial and error.


*) Http mp3 stream should work. Rtsp may have problems on some (older) devices.
If video can stream but no audio it may be a problem with ffmpeg AAC encoder (libavcodec) on your system.